Welcome to Albion!

It is a little tricky to find the Whitehouse Nature Center. To get there, go through the parking lot of the Albion College Dow Recreation and Wellness Center (located near the railroad tracks)... all the way back. Just when you think you're in the wrong place and you're near the playing fields, you'll begin to see an inkling of the Interpretive center in front of you. 

The property is open to walk from dawn to dusk: at a minimum, carry out what you take in. While it is not essential to check in at the Interpretive Center, it is helpful. Maps of the property are available as is information about the flora and fauna you'll encounter on the property. For guided tours or further information, please call David Green (Nature Center Director) at (517) 629-0582.

Some of the property features directional signage but this information is only useful if you understand what the symbols mean on the posts. That map available at the Interpretive Center referred to above is your key to following the property's signage. 

The Whitehouse Nature Center features 135-acres of trails that pass over the Kalamazoo River, meanders through forest, out into the open prairie, and back into the forest.  View all kinds of plants and animals in a natural environment.

Again, for further information about the Whitehouse Nature Center, please see the Albion College website at:

Whitehouse Nature Center
Farley Drive, Albion MI (Behind the Dow Recreation and Wellness Center at Albion College)
For further information on visiting the Nature Center, click