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The Greater Albion Chamber of Commerce & Visitor Bureau
310 S. Superior St.
Albion, MI 49224
FAX: 517-629-4284

Why A Chamber of Commerce?
The Greater Albion Chamber of Commerce is the local voice of and for business. It exists to develop and express business opinion and to promote the best interests of the community along civic, commercial, industrial and professional lines. It facilitates the growth of existing business and fosters new ones.

To foster and promote a prosperous business environment throughout the greater Albion area.

The success of business and industry depends on the prosperity of the entire community.
Office Hours:
Monday - Friday 9 AM - Noon, 1 PM - 5 PM

Businesses and individuals are invited to join the Greater Albion Chamber of Commerce. Dues are typically dependent upon size, number of employees, and/or annual revenues. To speak to someone in regards to membership, please feel free to call Amy Robertson, President/CEO or email her at 

Joining the Chamber: Each interested business owner or individual interested in membership completes a membership application. You may download and print our membership brochure and review our fee schedule. Click this 
link to download and print our membership brochure. 

If you chose to join, please use the membership brochure to submit your order. Once you have joined, your name and/or business will be listed on this website alphabetically and categorically. To be properly included within a category, be sure to indicate what type of business you operate. Individual members of the chamber are listed alphabetically under "Search our Members" but are not categorized.

Understanding What Chamber Membership Does for You: It is important to understand what membership in the chamber does for your business. First, it does NOT promise to directly increase your profits or gain you sales. It DOES promise to provide you with:

  • opportunities to get involved in your community and the "happenings" of this community
  • facilitated linkages between your business and other businesses in need of your services
  • increased visibility in our community and among businesses in our community, and
  • "good will" in the community.

The Greater Albion Chamber of Commerce is actively involved in our community. To review a list of member benefits, click
here. We perform good works on behalf of our citizens, our community, and our business climate. Your financial support enhances the Greater Albion Chamber of Commerce's efforts to promote a vibrant and prosperous community. 

The success of business and industry 
depends upon the success of the entire community

Membership in the Greater Albion Chamber of Commerce