The Kalamazoo River flows through Albion from the east/southeast (North and South branches) and heads west towards Marshall, MI. Within the city limits you can walk along the river within the Whitehouse Nature Center, within Victory and Reiger Parks, within downtown, and along the River Trail leading out of town.  People typically fish the Kalamazoo River from within Reiger Park but also do so from downtown near Bournelis Park. Paddling the Kalamazoo River is also a wonderful experience and provided below is a map of put in/take out locations along the river. 

Kalamazoo River


Welcome to Albion!

The Kalamazoo River played a major role in the history of Albion. Albion was commonly referred to as "The Forks" by early settlers because the north and south branches of the Kalamazoo River converge in town (you can see this happening in Reiger Park). By the 1930's, the Kalamazoo River hosted a diversion (referred to as the Mill Race) through which river water swiftly passed that generated power for a grist mill. You can still travel both the Kalamazoo River and the Mill Race through the center of town. For a detailed article about the Kalamazoo River and its historical significance to the economy and life of the Albion area, written by local historian Frank Passic, click here