Located outside of Concord (a small town to our southeast), you will also find the Falling Water Trail, a 10.5-mile trail dedicated to non-motorized travel. Falling Waters Trail starts in Concord and goes east into Jackson County and ends at the Cascades in the city of Jackson. In order to get from Albion to Falling Water Trail, you will either need to bicycle on country roads to it (about 8 miles) or transport your bike to the parking area located at the start of the trail.

Albion College's campus represents a terrific area in which to walk with little to no traffic concerns and tons of interesting large-scale architecture to see. Once you are on campus, check out the Bobbitt Art Center, Observatory, or Goodrich Chapel (see further information on the "Cultural Activities" page at left).


Some of the paths suggested for bicycling around Albion also work as walking paths, others do not. This is a relatively comprehensive list of locations where you can hike around Albion.

Welcome to Albion!

Victory and Rieger Parks provide ample space in which to stretch your legs (see map below). Stroll past children at play on Victory Park's jungle gym and then walk along the Kalamazoo River as it passes through Rieger Park. At left is a picture of the bridge crossing the river within Rieger Park. In Rieger Park, the mill race and the Kalamazoo River re-converge and continue into the city where you can see it disappear under main street. 

South of town on M-99 (by less than a 1/4 mile) Riverside Cemetery is also an excellent trek and an interesting landscape.

The Albion River Trail, a 1.6 mile trail is completely accessible to people walking, biking, skating, and in wheelchairs. Motorized vehicles are prohibited from this trail (except motorized wheelchairs). The Albion River Trail closes at dusk. For further information about the River Trail, click "Biking" at left.

The Whitehouse Nature Center prohibits bicycles and other motorized vehicles but all of the main paths are accessible to wheelchairs, albeit, they are a little rough. There are interior paths that are not accessible to wheelchairs but coming upon them, it is easy to determine whether or not to proceed. For further information about hiking at the Whitehouse Nature Center, click the link at left.

The city of Albion is criss-crossed with sidewalks, trails, and bike paths. Most of our neighborhoods offer a variety of late nineteen, early twentieth century architectural styles to admire such as Tudor, Victorian, Empire, modern, and others. Refer to the "Architecture Tour" page at left for more information about walking an architectural tour route in Albion.