Falling Waters Trail (near Concord):

The Falling Waters Trails is also a non-motorized path, running along the the Kalamazoo River into Jackson County. It ends at the Cascades in the city of Jackson. The path used to be a railway and is 10.5 miles long. Enjoy an ice cream at the Cascades and then cycle back to Concord. 

Albion River Trail
The Albion River Trail links Harris Field with Victory Park. Running along the Kalamazoo River, this is a non-motorized vehicle trail (except for handicap accessibility) on which you can cycle. Please be careful -- you can also cross paths with walkers, rollerbladers or skaters on this trail.  The Albion River Trail closes at dusk, as do all parks in Albion.

There are a few rules to respect on this path:

  • Give audible signals when passing.
  • Do not block the trail.
  • Pet owners: remove pet waste.
  • Keep pets on leashes.

The city of Albion is criss-crossed with sidewalks, trails, and bike paths. The only caveat to biking around Albion is that riding your bicycle on Albion's downtown main street is prohibited, otherwise go forth and enjoy!

Besides bicycling around Albion College's campus (about 10-45 minutes depending upon your pace), you may bicycle around Victory Park (about 10-30 minutes), and bicycle through our neighborhoods (about 30-50 minutes depending upon pace and choice of area covered). Located within Albion, you can also ride the Albion River Trail, a 1.6 mile trail that prohibits motor vehicles (see below for further information).

Located outside of Concord (a small town to our southeast), you will also find the Falling Water Trail, a 10.5-mile trail dedicated to non-motorized travel. Falling Waters Trail starts in Concord and goes east into Jackson County and ends at the Cascades in the city of Jackson. In order to get from Albion to Falling Water Trail, you will either need to bicycle on country roads to it (about 8 miles) or transport your bike to the parking area located at the start of the trail (for further information about Falling Water Trail, please see below).

Bicycling in Albion

Of course, you may also walk around Albion, even on the bicycle paths.


Welcome to Albion!

Possession of alcoholic beverages is prohibited.