You will notice on the map provided below that you can bike and/or walk from Victory Park to Harris Field (and back again) along the River Trail (1.6 miles). 

The outfields at Victory Park are grass. At Harris Field, located west of downtown near Holland Park (100 N. Albion), the outfields are sand/gravel. However, the bleachers are bigger at Harris Field so bring a whole cheering section and let your fans scream. Harris Field is very very close to Holland Park so also bring your picnic supplies and celebrate after the big game. 

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Outdoor Activities.

Victory Park is located Southeast of downtown Albion on Haven Rd (581 Haven Rd). Holland Park is located Northwest of downtown (100 N. Albion). Refer to the map provided below for directions to both parks. 

There are two baseball fields in Victory Park and in case you'd like to come with some of your fans, bleachers have been installed: you can just see them in the right corner of the picture at left. Harris Field and Victory Park's diamonds are available until dusk when our parks close. 


Welcome to Albion!

Baseball Diamonds in Albion

Bring your own equipment. Baseball diamonds are located in Victory and Holland Parks in Albion, MI.