Welcome to Albion!

The Greater Albion Chamber of Commerce & Visitor Bureau
310 S. Superior St.
Albion, MI 49224
FAX: 517-629-4284

Any other benefits?
Members of AALL will be entitled to an Albion College activity card which will allow members full Albion College Library access, computer access with e-mail, and admission to home College athletic events.

How much does it cost?

Cost is $20/year for the first member of a household and $10 for his/her spouse/partner. This entitles each person to take one class per year without additional charge. Additional courses are $10. There may be some extra charges in some classes for materials or transportation.

How do I sign up?
Call AALL at: (517) 629-3550 to request information and/or to get on the mailing list. You  may also contact: AALL at PO Box 188, Albion, MI 49224.

For more information, please see:

What are the classes like? 
There are no academic requirements other than an active, inquiring mind. There are no exams or grades, but some classes may have homework assignments.

Most classes meet for two hours a week for four to six consecutive weeks. Courses are mainly taught by members of AALL, many by active or retired Albion College faculty.

What does AALL offer?
The program includes classes, single-meeting topic discussions, and trips to cultural events. Most classes fall within the physical and social science, arts & humanities categories. Sample topics include:

  • Albion History
  • Beginning Genealogy
  • ​In-depth analysis of literature
  • Natural Michigan
  • ​Field trip to Meijer Gardens
  • Watercolor painting
  • ​Political Rhetoric & Constitutional democracy
  • ​International Cooking
  • Introduction to Tai Chi
  • ​Michigan Birding

What is AALL?
Initiated by the Retirement Community Action Team of the Albion Alliance 2000, a representative group of retired persons in Albion established the Albion Academy for Lifelong Learning in association with Albion College and the Elderhostel Institute Network.

The mission of AALL is to provide opportunities for lifelong learning through discussions, intellectual and social interaction, and access to cultural events. In this supportive academic environment, members are encouraged to explore ideas, expand their knowledge, exercise their creativity and become involved with the community.

An Academy for adults 55 or over fostering lifelong learning through:

  • ​Expanding Knowledge
  • Explored Ideas
  • ​Exercised Creativity
  • Developed Friendships
  • ​Community Involvement

Albion Academy of Lifelong Learning