Welcome to Albion!

Preschool & Kindergarden:

Community Action - Head Start, (517) 629-4490

Johnson Child Care & Development Center of Albion, Inc., (517) 629-9550

​St. Paul Lutheran Church Pre-school, (517) 629-8379

Albion is proud of its well-rounded offering of education programs for pre-kindergardeners through Bachelor's degree. For further information about any of these schools, please contact them directly.

Whether you are a visitor or someone considering moving to Albion for business or personal reasons, we are pleased to welcome you to our town! As you discover all that we have to offer, we are sure you'll come to love our community as we do.

We are very proud of our rich cultural heritage and ethnic diversity; of our trees, parks and river; of our nationally renowned educational institutions, Albion College and Starr Commonwealth; of our commercial historic district and brick-paved mainstreet; of our industrious residents who come together each May, under the auspices of Citizens to Beautify Albion, to plant flowers at the gateways of our community.

Our lives are greatly enriched by the many cultural offerings provided by Albion College, the Albion Public Schools, and community organizations such as Albion Community Theatre and the Albion Community Band; by numerous athletic events and recreational activities through the schools, the college and Starr Commonwealth; and by the wealth of opportunities for meaningful involvement through hundreds of volunteer organizations and churches in our community. 

Welcome to Albion -- the smart community; the original home of Mother's Day, observed since 1877, thirty-seven years before it became a national celebration; the birthplace of "The Sweetheart of Sigma Chi" and "The Old Rugged Cross"

About Albion, Michigan